Recently brought to my attention by a good friend of mine is an app that has actually been out sometime now but I never really wanted to use it because it comes under a category I don’t have much interest in……remote controls. Personally I don’t think there has been a good remote application, until now that is.

With some reluctance I downloaded the app, installed the required server on my laptop and connected the 2 devices (all of which took a very impressive 2 minutes). The layout of the app is simple and has an easy to use interface. The simplicity is carried through into the connection process which just involves pressing one button. Once connected you have a selection of options for what you want to use the phone for including trackpad, keyboard, speech recognition, media control and more.

Of course the first things I tried were of course the trackpad & keyboard which I can honestly say worked perfectly. The movement of the pointer wasn’t at all delayed through the wifi connection and the typed letters appeared on the laptop screen in real-time. The only issue I have found is there seems to be no easy way of doing cut, copy and paste but aside from that it does what it says very well.

The next thing I tried was voice recognition instead of typing and what I said was “this is voice recognition on android remote control”, and I am pleased to say it got it right. I must say though, as a backup the phone listens to what you say then instead of putting it straight onto the laptop screen you are presented with a few translations of what you said so you can pick the one that’s right.

The other features that are included such as media control are also good but weren’t my main point of interest as I don’t listen to music on my laptop, however they do work really well. Also for the business heads out there the app includes a slideshow control for use in presentations.

Although I do think this app works really well and I do like it I still think apps like this are more for novelty value rather than real-world usage but don’t let that put you off, it is free after all so you might aswell give it a download.

You can download the app here.

Also, as a thank you here is a link to my friends instagram site. His name is Nige Wyatt and he is an up & coming photographer. To visit his site please click here.

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