Okay, I love Android….you already know that, but I’ve got something to tell you………..we have a love/hate relationship.

Sometimes, just sometimes, Android really pisses me off.!!!!!

There, I said it. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘If this is a site about Androids greatness, how come the author has just slated it?’. Well I must admit I was a bit lacking in the confidence department when it came to writing this post, but the fact is I am here to inform you about all aspects of the Android platform, including its flaws.

The thing is with Android is that it’s flaws are almost acceptable. To someone such as myself Androids flaws are annoying but are there for a reason…….to improve upon.

But what are Androids flaws.? Well, the flaws I speak of are related to performance, things such as sluggishness. The fact is out of the box most Android phones/tablets are basic in many ways, but (finally a positive) this can be improved upon very easily due to Androids open-source nature. If for instance you are experiencing slow-down there are many ways to overcome it rather than having to take your device back to a shop because it’s not performing as well as it used to.

Gone are the days of counting on a shop to sort your phone out, Android has put us in a position where many problems can be sorted out by down loading an app, tweaking a few settings or rooting.

That is the plus and minus of Android, it does have a lot of issues but they are all solvable, and with Androids growth the problems are getting less and less. To someone like me Androids problems are almost like a list of preferences, if there is something I don’t like or annoys me I know I can remove it and replace it with something else.

To the untrained consumer though an Android device might seem a bit sloppy compared to Apple but all you have to do is bear in mind that you can do something about Androids problems and maybe one day Android will become a perfect OS.

Now some of you might say just get an Apple but to that I say why would I buy a phone that is what it is when I can buy a phone that is what I want it to be……even if it does wind me up occasionally.

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